Your health and wellbeing are our top priorities. At AXA, we provide medical coverage for the staff and dependents of Your Intergovernmental Organization to help them take care of their health, in everyday life and during difficult times.

In-patient Benefits, Outpatient Benefits , Optical and Dental, Maternity , Wellness benefits… (for more information, write to us!)







Life works in unpredictable ways and we do need to be prepared for any type of uncertainty. The IGO Life policies are flexible, and you have a possibility to choose a Life cover among various policies to include any of the options important to Your organization.

Accidental death, dismemberment… (for more information, write to us!)








When unforeseen circumstances, AXA IGO Disability cover will protect and take care of your Organization’s staff and their families. ​ IGO Disability insurance can provide you with replacement of income if you become disabled through illness or injury.

Permanent disability, Total disability…​ (for more information, write to us!)






Long Term Care

AXA supports your Intergovernmental Organization daily and helps you take care of your loved ones. The variety of IGO Long Term Care Services helps meet both the medical and non-medical needs of your beloved ones with a chronic illness or disability who cannot take care for themselves for long period of time.

 Home health care​, Emergency Medical Alert Systems ​… (for more information, write to us!)







AXA IGO Assistance coverages involve a variety of services designed to tend to the needs and comforts of your Organization's life, wherever it takes you.

 Counselling services​, Life Management Services, Critical incident management​… (for more information, write to us!)


A partner who understand your IGO goals and your staff’s needs...






















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