A partner who understand your Pension goals and your staff’s needs...

Take care of your staff as they take care of you!


We help you ensure your staff members are well prepared for the future and can think about it today with peace of mind knowing that they have financial security. You and your staff members can focus on your core business while we at AXA, do what we do best: making sure our clients’ staff receive their pensions in full and on time. No more surprises nor delays in pension payments!

With more than 15 years of experience in supporting IGOs, AXA is the right partner for you. We speak your language, understand your specific needs and we are able to meet them.


We understand your pension challenges

Living up to your standards

We are making sure that the privileges and immunities of your organization and staff are being fully respected and your needed ad-hoc requirements met

We have a strong in-house legal and operational expertise to support your privileges and immunities.

Meeting evolving needs

Our consultative approach enables us to design the right pension arrangements for your staff and make it evolve so you can attract, retain and reward your talents.

We co-create together pensions solutions that fit your legacy and meet your evolving needs.

Keeping the cost and risk under control

Controlling the risks associated with assets, longevity, interest rates and inflation while being cost effective is not innate, it is a profession.

We have all the in-house expertise necessary and proven experience to give you peace of mind concerning your pension plans

Making the most of your Pension arrangement

We take care of all dimensions of your pension scheme. We provide an effortless admin platform for you and a customizable and multilingual digital interface for your staff.

We deliver a secure, efficient and easy-to-use Administration Interface.


Because you and your staff deserve it !

Pensions are all about trust and AXA is a strong and well-established global insurer which is perfect for building a long-lasting partnership together. We put our expert teams (financial, marketing, client service…) along with our tools and communication materials at your disposal to co-design together the right pension plans for you.